Till Breath Do Us Part

Short Top-Down Shooter Game

project type
PC Game
my role
game deisgner
sound designer
music designer
time period
Apr. 2019

A top-down shooter where you’re a constantly running low on oxygen and can trade it for upgrades to have more chances defeating deadly enemies.

Submitted as an entry to Ludum Dare #44.

This is a compo project, meaning that it was created solo in 48 hours without using any previously created work. Everything was done from scratch. Source code is available on GitHub.


Ludum Dare Compo is a kind of challenge I always wanted to try. Coming up with an idea of a game having only a theme and only 48 hours to create is totally from scratch without using any assets or previously created work makes your brain work in interesting ways.

Theme of LD44 was “Your life is currency”, so I took it quite literally, turning vital oxygen into a currency.

Used tools:

  • Unity as a game engine, 2d mode, project started from scratch
  • Photoshop (made some pixel art from scratch, frame-by-frame animations and some floor textures from photo of household items)
  • GarageBand (tried to synth some music – did not turn out well due to lack of time)
  • AudaCity (fixed shot, hit and item pick up records, but did not really have time to add them to game, so the game has music, but no sound effects)


Screenshots of Till Breath do us Part

  1. Till Breath do us Part Ludum Dare Page
  2. Till Breath do us Part for Web
  3. Till Breath do us Part for macOS
  4. Till Breath do us Part for Windows
  5. Till Breath do us Part Source Code