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Bite-sized audio courses created by renowned experts

project type
Educational Service
my role
software engineer
time period
Dec. 2019 – Present

Listenable is an audio-based learning platform that helps you learn new things while doing something else — commuting, running, doing housework, etc. With Listenable, you can build your learning playlist and listen to 5-minute audio lessons anytime, anywhere.

My Role

I’ve joined Listenable as a Chief Technical Officer right after the initial UI design mockups were completed.

I was responsible for everything related to the technical side of the startup: gathering business requirements, leading the development team, designing project architecture, devops, etc.

Since we were bootstrapping without any outside funding, I did a lot of the stuff with my own hands including backend development, API design, Web App development, subscription and usage analytics, monitoring, deployment, load-testing, etc. (basically everything development-related except the development of the iOS App).

iOS App

Screenshots for iOS version of the Listenable App.
Video preview for iOS version of the Listenable App

Web App

Video preview for Web version of the Listenable App
Screenshot of a single course page

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