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Turn Slack into a knowledge base

project type
Slack Productivity Extension
my role
software engineer
product designer
time period
Aug. 2021 – present

OnlyThreads is a productivity extension for Slack that lets you transform some of your channels to knowledge base and never lose important decisions and answers. It also searches for answers automatically whenever someone asks about something that has already been answered or decided upon.

My Role

We’ve come up with an idea for OnlyThreads while working on nable and realizing that Slack is great for instant communication but quickly becomes a mess if you want to use it for logging decisions and store knowledge that can be accessed later.

I was responsible for everything related to the technical side of the project and product design: coming up with business requirements, designing the user flows, programming, devops, testing, screencasts, etc.

How it works

Make your channels thread-only to keep important information in one place, accessible by your entire team, and easily searchable.
Mark threads as closed and add decisions/outcomes to them.
Somewhere in your Slack conversations is that important decision you made years ago. Find it instantly with smart search by OnlyThreads.
Your team won't start the same conversations or ask the same questions again, thanks to OnlyThreads' automatic search for similar threads.

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