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MIDI Exporter for Polyend Tracker projects & patterns

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Productivity Tool
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Apr 2022

This tool lets you convert Polyend Tracker projects and pattern files to MIDI, so you can compose music on the Tracker and then easily port it over to your favourite DAW to continue working on it.


While working on my musical projects I found myself using Polyend Tracker as a sequencer for external synthesizers a lot. Most of the time I’ve recorded the audio to 101 Music’s BlueBox to bring it later into Ableton for final arrangement and mixing. At this stage I found lack of MIDI export in Polyend Tracker very limiting and decided to reverse engineer the Tracker’s pattern and project files to convert them to MIDI.

As a result I’ve created a Python Library that converts project and pattern file and a simple webtool that lets you drop in a zipped Tracker project and get your arrangement and patterns in MIDI format.

Most of my thought process when reverse engineering is documented in the GitHub repository.


Reversed-engineered frames of the patterns files
Screenshot of the webtool – just drop in your zipped project to convert

  1. Polyend Tracker MIDI Exporter Web Tool
  2. Polyend Tracker MIDI exporter Python Library Repo